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Celebrating 25 years

1993 was a very good year! Finder Relays opened its doors in the USA. Finder is a global company that originated in Italy back in 1954 with the patented step-relay by Piero Giordanino. For over 60 years the Giordanino family has continued to create and innovate with over 12,5...


PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Diane Souffie Office: 770 271 4431 Email: FINDER RELAYS INTRODUCES THE SMARTimer Suwanee, Georgia August 1, 2016 – Finder Relay...

Finder Global Expansion

Finder, one of the largest global manufacturer of Relays, Timers, and other control panel components, has opened it's 22 subsidiary office in Poland. Finders global offices offer our customers local support around the world. Find your country & your local Finder conta...

Relay contact materials – does it matter?

Relay contact materials – does it matter? by Norman Carnt If a relay ‘works’, why worry any further about its contact materials? Norman Carnt of Finder UK explains why access to the right contact material may be important. Many relay users take a standard product, and with it,...

Type 77.31: New models of the modular SSR 30 A

A new range of Solid State Relay modules with 30 A AC switching capability is now available. Housed in a plastic casing with integral aluminum heat sink and of 22.5 mm width, these SSRs feature high thermal efficiency (guaranteeing full load operation without de-rating over an ambient temperatur...

70 Series: Line monitoring relays for single and three-phase applications

Finder offers a new range of Electronic voltage monitoring relays for single and three-phase application - in 17.5 or 35 mm housings. Types 70.11, 70.31 and 70.41 cover the following functions and points of specification: Models for the multi-function contr...