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A modern-day digital time switch from Finder.  Advantages/versatility – enhancing design solutions well beyond capabilities of older time switches.

Looking back – most likely we’ve come across a time switch. Pool, fountain, outdoor lights – the old-style mechanical timer with a large dial and metal set pins. Or a plug-in version with a plastic dial to control lighting. Popular over the years they both served timing needs but with limitations. Not enough programs, the time taken to set up, lack of accuracy and of course not losing the set pins.

Yes, they are simple to use, but in today’s world is there not something that extends past this? Easy to use while expanding design and capabilities fit for today’s demands.

Changes have occurred along the way. Older time switches have evolved to a more digital world. Mechanical dials were upgraded and now that typical enclosure has more expensive digital controllers offering extra functions.  DIN rail mount digital time switches also arrived with a LCD screen. All of these time switches, both large and small, have multiple buttons for programming. An improvement over the old style versions, buttons are not the best nor easiest programming method most likely resetting if not completed in time.

What if there was another option? One that combines enhanced programming needed for today’s designs while keeping the size and user interface convenient. Small DIN rail mount, advanced programming, and large LCD screen, all while remaining affordable and flexible.

Welcome to Finder’s 12 Series Digital Time Switches.

An entire series covering simple applications to more advanced with one or two channel outputs.



The 12 Series offers a wide variety of solutions including:


  • Lighting for gardens, parks, shop displays
  • Heating and cooling
  • Irrigation
  • Blinds, shutters, and privacy screens
  • Fountains and swimming pools

Type 12.51 and 12.81



The 12 Series starts with the entry version 12.51/81 with a wide LCD chronological display.

  • Analogue style display
  • Straightforward intuitive programming
  • 30-minute minimum interval setting
  • 110 – 230 V AC/DC input range
  • 12 A UL listed
  • Astro version with override feature (12.81)

Type 12.61 and 12.62

Stepping up to the 12.6x version expands capabilities further to enhance designs.

  • Digital style easy to read display
  • Program options increase
  • Up to 50 memory locations
  • 1-minute minimum interval setting
  • Pulse option from 1 s to 59 m
  • One channel output in 12 – 24 V AC/DC
    or 110 – 230 V AC/DC input
  • Two channel output for 110 – 230 V
    AC/DC input
  • 12 A UL listed

Type 12.A1 and 12.A2

Looking for all the bells and whistles? In addition to the features offered with the 12.61/62 versions above, the 12.A1/A2 adds more capability with an Astro function for sunrise and sunset times.

Weekly Astro time switch

Types 12.A1 and 12.A2 are able to calculate the sunrise and sunset time, according to location coordinates (latitude/longitude).


– Astro ON/Astro OFF

– Switch ON/Switch OFF

– Pulse from 1 second to 59 minute

– Holiday program

  • Location coordinates easily set from the
    drop-down menu under the applicable
    country, state and closest city.
  • Offset function allows the switching
    times to be advanced or delayed
    around the astronomic times by up to
    90 min (1 min steps).

Type 12.A4

Lastly in the range, this version brings an additional unique feature over the 12.A1/A2 – PWM or pulse-width modulation to vary the intensity of the lighting from 2 – 49% per second.

Functions: Analogue output level (0-99%) settable against Astro SUNSET, Astro SUNRISE and TIME-CLOCK based times.

  • Minimum time interval setting – 1 min
  • 50 storable programs
  • Lock with a 4-digit PIN
  • Auxiliary contact programmed to disconnect the supply to the ballast when the analogue output falls below 10%.


Analogue output characteristics

Output signal 0 – 10 V, 10 mA max

Output signal PWM 30 V, 20 mA max

Modern Programming made easy

As with our 84 Series Industrial Timer, the 12 Series offers either joystick or the easy-to-use app for Android or Apple devices via NFC protocol for program transfer. The app-based programming not only makes it easy but offers the designer the flexibility to create the program without the device, save for future needs, and even share the program with other users around the globe. Once created, the program easily transfers via NFC to as many devices as needed – no power required. Output increases.

Standard Features Abound with all 12 Series Digital Time Switches:



  • Easy to read wide backlit display
  • 35 mm DIN rail mount and only 35 mm wide
  • Easy to replace battery backup right on the front panel
  • Optional 4-digit PIN protection setting

12 Series Datasheet

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