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Monitoring relay Type 70.51/70.92

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Monitoring relay Type 70.51/70.92

Finder 70 Series is growing with the new current monitoring relay Type 70.51 and the new thermistor temperatur sensing relay Type 70.92.

Designed for current control (70.51) and thermal protection (70.92), they are suitable for use in many  industrial applications.

The relay type 70.51 can be used in applications such as printing presses, control of lighting installations (e.g. streetlights or emergency lighting), control of hoisting motors.

The Type 70.92 can be used, for example, for industrial cutting machines, pumping station motors or within starting systems for electric motors.

Find out more on the pages product:

Type 70.51 – Current monitoring relay

Type 70.92 – Thermistor temperature sensing relay

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