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YESLY and BLISS in a single app – with Finder YOU

Finder presents its new app that helps you transform your home into an increasingly smarter home.


With a fresh new look and an easily accessible navigation interface, Finder’s new app offers users advanced features based on their access profile.

Finder YOU is designed for installers, who can program the various devices (such as relays, dimmers and thermostats), as well as for end users, who now have the benefit of a single tool to manage lighting, temperature, electric blinds and other connected devices quickly and easily.

So, what are the new features?

There are several features that make the new app an indispensable tool for the configuration and management of Finder’s smart devices:

A single control platform for YESLY and BLISS

Now all you need is Finder YOU: a single platform to add, configure and control your YESLY system, and your BLISS chronothermostats, both quickly and easily.

Configure devices remotely

Finder YOU has the option of setting up devices remotely – after which you can download the relevant configuration. This feature offers a great advantage to electricians, who can now optimize their time, making the installation process faster and more efficient.

Differentiated access according to need

The app offers guided and customized paths based on the type of user.

The installer and their customers will then be able to use the same app, whether for device configuration, for controlling lights, motorized shutters/curtains, thermostats or electric locks. These can be set up to grant the user either full or partial access.

More flexibility and enhanced security with limitless sharing

With this feature, you can share your devices with an unlimited number of users, with the option of granting temporary access and permissions. These can be automatically revoked when no longer needed. This is an ideal solution for owners of second homes or for those running a hotel, B&B, or vacation home, and who may need to provide their guests with access to various YESLY and BLISS devices. This new feature is available on installations equipped with Finder Gateway.

Finder YOU is available for free download from the App Store and Google Play.

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