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Selection guide for the Finder 15 Series dimmers – Which dimmer should you use to meet your needs?

The proper management of lighting within a home or office can bring significant benefits in terms of comfort and optimization of consumption. Let's explore how to choose a dimmer.


Correctly managing the lighting system in your home or office is a decisive factor in terms of energy savings, and is a key factor in achieving the right level of comfort for any occasion.

Finder’s 15 Series dimmers are designed to provide the right light level in a variety of environments such as homes, apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants and offices. For all these places you can control the lighting level from individual lamps to an entire system.

Choosing the right type of dimmer will depend on the location and the type of system, such that the right lighting level can be achieved according to the wishes of the occupant, the tasks to be performed and having regards for the time of day and the existing natural light level.

Dimmers - the Finder range

The Finder range of dimmers includes a variety of types of dimmers and drivers that differ based on features and intended use, and are primarily for the residential and commercial sectors. The range includes devices that allow the dimming of incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, energy-saving lamps, dimmable compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and LEDs – with or without electromagnetic or electronic transformers, depending on the type of lamp.

The 15 Series range of dimmers in detail >>>

Master & Slave Dimmer system

Finder’s Master & Slave system can be used for dimming a large number of lighting loads, either of the same or differing lamp technology, but under the control of a single Master dimmer. Each Master (Type15.10) can drive up to 32 Slave dimmers (Type 15.11). Each Slave is individually configured to dim any one of a wide variety of lamps of different technology – with manageable powers up to 400 W. This system is perfect in commercial settings where large numbers of lighting points are installed, such as in stores, cafes, hotels and restaurants.

Dimmer for small commercial spaces or residential environments

Type 15.91 - Recessed dimmer

Designed to be installed as a retrofit, this device can control 230 V AC lamps in leading edge mode, 3-50 W dimmable LEDs and 3-100 W incandescent or halogen lamps. Usable in both 3 or 4-wire systems.

Type 15.51 -–Recessed dimmer

Installable inside junction boxes, this can be used to control 230 V AC dimmable trailing edge LEDs, incandescent and halogen lamps up to 400 W. Compatible with 3 or 4-wire systems, without neutral.

Type 15.81 – Panelboard dimmer

Designed for 35mm rail mounting, the panelboard dimmer can dim various types of 230 V AC loads, such as energy-saving lamps, dimmable compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or dimmable LEDs and electromagnetic transformers. It can handle loads up to 500 W and can be used in both 3-wire and 4-wire systems.


YESLY dimmer for a smart home

YESLY is Finder’s comfort living system that offers you a smart home in a few simple steps – so you can control lighting (and electric shutters) via Bluetooth or remotely, via its dedicated app or via the Google Assistant and Amazon voice assistants.

Type dimmer

Suitable for flush mounting (in a recessed box), without BLE interface and without memory. Suitable for 230 V AC – max 200 W LED loads.

Type dimmer

Suitable for flush mounting, this device is a phase-cut dimmer equipped with Bluetooth technology. It includes an AUTO function that allows the device to adapt to any type of dimmable load at 230 V AC – max 300 W.

Type dimmer

Equipped with Bluetooth technology and suitable for flush mounting, this dimmer offers PWM dimming and is suitable for driving 12…24 V DC (max 8 A) LED strips.

Type 15.71 dimmer

Suitable for residential switch box mounting, this device is a phase-cut dimmer with Bluetooth technology. It includes an AUTO function that lets the device to adapt to any type of dimmable lamp load, 230 V AC – max 200 W.

KNX dimmer

KNX is the leading open and independent building automation standard, approved as a European (EN 50090 – EN 13321-1) and worldwide (ISO/IEC 14543) standard.

Within the KNX range the Finder Type 15.2K dimmer is used specifically for managing loads such as halogen lamps, CFLs or electronic and electromagnetic transformers.

Type 15.2K dimmer

Equipped with two 400 W channels, the Type 152K dimmer has both Leading Edge or Trailing Edge dimming methods, settable by ETS. Generally suitable for LED lamp loads, halogen lamps, CFLs and electronic and electromagnetic transformers with AUTO function.




Some 230 V AC-powered LED lights may exhibit a small level of flickering despite the dimmer being off. To solve this problem, Finder offers the Type 015.0230 residual current suppression module which negates any residual current output from the dimmer to ensure its proper operation.

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