Celebrating 25 years

1993 was a very good year!

1993 was a very good year!

Finder Relays opened its doors in the USA.


Finder is a global company that originated in Italy back in 1954 with the patented step-relay by Piero Giordanino. For over 60 years the Giordanino family has continued to create and innovate with over 12,500 components used in the electrical and electronic industries.


The Kitzrow family partnered with the Giordanino family to bring these quality components to the USA market place, over a quarter of a century ago. As a privately held company, Finder components are of the highest quality with numerous global approvals.


Thank you to our friends and partners, who we at Finder Relays have had the pleasure to partner with over these last 25 years. We will be spending time with them over this next year to celebrate our quarter of a century together.


So stay tuned to see and learn more of our great partners and Finder components. We will also be sharing all sorts of interesting trivia from 1993, so make sure we are connected!