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Energy meters – what are the types and how do they work?


What are the types of energy meters?

Finder’s range of energy meters consists of the 7E Series of single-phase and three-phase energy meters with mechanical displays and the new 7M Series smart energy meters with NFC programmability.

With import and export measurement of active and reactive energy (according to type), they are ideal for photovoltaic, EV charging and EV Storage applications.

How does an energy meter work?

An energy meter is an electrical device that measures the electrical power being consumed and this allows the energy consumed over time (by a residential building, a business, or an electrically powered device) to be determined.

Finder’s range of energy meters has been designed for local or remote energy metering, in line with the principles of the Green Economy. Ideal for solar photovoltaic power systems, residential or commercial power systems, they are also widely used by energy providers as well as brokers.

Energy meters

7E Series

Compact and MID certified ( According to type ), these single and three-phase energy meters are suitable for measuring energy within residential and industrial locations.

MID certified variants Compliant with EN 50470-3, Class B accuracy, ( 3 Phase models Reactive power accuracy Class 2 according to EN 62053-23 ), with integral S0 pulse output ( 2 for Dual Tariff meters ), and optional RS485 Modbus, M-Bus or Ethernet Modbus TCP communications port.

Other features include (according to Type):

  • 1 or 3 phase
  • Single or Dual tariff
  • Pulse output for remote energy management; SO interface (open collector) according to DIN 43864
  • LC-Display or Mechanical Display
  • 35mm rail (EN 60715) mount


  • Energy monitoring systems
  • Measurement and remote monitoring of energy generated from renewable sources
  • Energy monitoring of charging stations, production lines or individual machines
  • Energy billing within campsites, marinas, shopping centres
  • Totalization of energy consumption within hotels, exhibition booths, communal areas

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7M Series

The new 7M Series of smart energy meters boast a highly advanced and innovative design, rich in features including the ability to read and program via smartphones with NFC technology. With integral S0 pulse output ( 2 for Dual Tariff meters ) and networking capability through the M-Bus and Modbus RS485 port options, these are products suitable for a multiplicity of applications. MID certified variants have active energy accuracy Class B according to EN 50470-3 (MID) with 3 Phase models having reactive energy accuracy Class 2 to EN 62053-23.


Finders 7M single-phase MID versions (MID Versions are bi-directional to 40A) – with LCD display and programmable via smartphone thanks to NFC technology– in addition to measuring and recording energy import and export, also measure the main electrical parameters such as voltage, current, active power, power factor and frequency. This information can be read from the display and also via the communication port.


In addition, Finder’s 7M three-phase models with direct insertion up to 80 Amps, 70°C are bidirectional and can operate with 3 or 4 wires and single-phase systems, depending on the network. These meters are the ideal device for electric vehicle charging stations.

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Finder’s app for 7M Series energy meters

Programming energy meters is now even easier thanks to the Finder Toolbox NFC app.

 Finder has extended its range of products programmable through the Finder Toolbox NFC app, available on Android and iOS devices. Now, in addition to the 12 Series time switches and 84 Series SMARTimer, it is possible to program and configure the new 7M Series smart energy meters.

The NFC (Near Field Communication) technology permits the ability to quickly and flexibly read and program the 7M Series smart energy meters via a smartphone.

Using the NFC app, it is possible to customize the different parameters for the meters . For example, choosing which quantities to show on the display, enabling or disabling the 16 resettable counters, allowing a detailed analysis of energy and power import and export to be determined.

It is also possible to adjust the display’s brightness levels and switch off time, set the M-Bus and ModBus parameters, reset the counters, and to store and share programs.

To view the programming guide of the Finder Toolbox app for the 7M Series please click here.

Another feature of the 7M Series is that it is possible to read the energy measurements even in the absence of a mains voltage; this function is not available in any other electronic or mechanical energy meter. In the event of a power failure, circuit disconnection or device failure, the Toolbox NFC app allows you to read the meter’s latest energy measurements, thus avoiding the loss of any accumulated data.


The Finder Toolbox app is currently available with the Type 7M.24 single-phase bi-directional energy meters with LCD display, specifically for types:

  • 7M.
  • 7M.
  • 7M.


And for the 80A Type 7M.8 multi-function bi-directional smart energy meters, specifically for types:

  • 7M.38.8.400.0112
  • 7M.38.8.400.0212
  • 7M.38.8.400.0312


The Finder Toolbox NFC app is also available for the 12 Series time switches and the multi-function Type 84.02 SMARTimer.

Find out more about the apps that can help you schedule and manage your Finder products in the dedicated section.

Reading, configuring and saving programs has never been easier!

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.findernet.ToolboxNFC&hl=en

App store: https://apps.apple.com/app/finder-toolbox-nfc/id1522529367