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What is an LED panel light and what is it used for?

An LED panel light, also known as an LED enclosure light, provides lighting for industrial enclosures and cabinets. They are essential for panel builders, contractors and auto electricians for testing, maintenance and operation work. We will explore, what one is, where it is used and take a look at Finder's range.


What is an LED panel light?

Finder’s 7L Series LED panel light is a perfect design for all your electrical and industrial panel needs.

Quick, easy, versatile, and packed with features, it permits the perfect amount of light where an in-built, moveable light source is required for testing, maintenance, and operational work.

Some of its features include (according to Type):

  • Direct switching, switching via ON/OFF or via movement detector options available.
  • Strong direct magnetic mounting or via screw-fixed metallic support bracket. The bracket allows rotation of the 7L Series up to 30 degrees to help ‘aim’ the light in the direction needed.
  • Custom designed housing with a handgrip in the centre making it easy to use and move around in the panel if desired.
  • Single or multi-connection options (up to 7 lamps).
  • Power supply – Multi-voltage: 12…48 V AC/DC and 110…240 V AC/DC
  • Nominal power consumption: 6 W (600 lm), 9 W (1200 lm)

What are LED panel lights used for?

If you’re a panel builder, contractor, or auto electrician, you know how important it is to have good lighting inside electrical panels. LED technology offers a more energy-efficient alternative to incandescent and fluorescent lamps, while also improving the quality of illumination. The brightness of lights is measured in lumens, which are a measure of the total amount of visible light (to the human eye) from a lamp or light source. The higher the lumen rating the brighter the lamp will appear. Finder’s 7L Series come in two options, 600 or 1200 lumens.

LED panel light Type 7L.43 – 600 lumens

– LED panel light Type 7L.46 – 1200 lumens.


The colour of the light can also help improve visibility and differentiate components within the enclosure. If a control panel is crowded with coloured components, Finder’s LED panel light with 5000K gives the perfect amount of white light to help locate and work on the job at hand.

As mentioned, it can be very crowded within enclosures. Adding a LED panel light might be difficult among the space with wiring to get the light exactly where it’s needed. However, Finder’s 7L Series LED panel light has a strong magnetic connection or via mounting bracket, allowing the user to place the light where needed. Its bracket allows a rotation angle of 30 degrees with a 120 degree radiation angle, allowing the light to be pointed in the exact right direction required.

It has been found that over time, LEDs can save 30% in energy costs and reduce maintenance hours in installation, repair and replacement compared to fluorescent equivalents. This makes LED panel lights a worthwhile investment.

Designed by professionals for professionals

The process of continuous improvement is applied to everything Finder designs and manufactures, as seen here with the 7L Series.

Styled in collaboration with the Minelli | Fossati design studio, the 7L Series LED panel lights have style and elegance matched with great functionality. The light can be controlled by direct switching, an ON/OFF button or via an integral PIR movement detector and can be individually wired through push-in quick-connect terminals, or via plug-in connectors for the multiple connections of up to seven lamps.

Direct switching is a simple version without any switch, this allows a door switch (or remote input) to control the light.

The ON/OFF switch is a version that requires manual activation to turn on and off, which allows continuous illumination to be selected if required.

There is also a PIR/movement detector version of the 7L Series which turns on the panel light when movement is detected in the monitored area.


The perfect climate and lighting within control panels

Along with great lighting, Finder offers a comprehensive range of industrial thermoregulation products for panels and enclosures. The products include:

Thermo-hygrostats and Thermostats 7T Series

Ensuring the performance of components and instrumentation within control panels and enclosures – often enhancing product life.

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Filter Fans 7F Series

New filter fan range to ventilate and safeguard against high enclosure temperatures.

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Panel Heaters 7H Series

Preventing the formation of condensation and ensuring the optimum temperature within electrical enclosures. Heating power from 25 W to 400 W.

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