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OPTA – 8A Series – An example of application


OPTA - 8A Series - An example of application

OPTA is the PLR (Programmable Logic Relay) developed by Finder and Arduino, designed to create simple automations in industrial, OEM and building automation.

Programmable both with traditional languages (Ladder, FBD, etc.) and with an innovative, open source language (IDE / ARDUINO), the 8A Series Finder PLR is able to simplify the interaction between electronic devices and the physical world, multiplying the possibilities for multiple project types.

One of the main features of the Finder OPTA is the interoperability with many existing Finder devices such as energy meters, contactors, switching power supplies, relays and many other products in the catalogue.

In this video we show an example of a connection between OPTA and a Finder 7M Series energy meter and the steps required to correctly program the PLR.

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