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Finder presents the movement and presence detectors 18 Series

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Finder presents the movement and presence detectors 18 Series

Finder’s movement detectors promote enhanced safety, as the lights come on instantly; more comfort, as you don’t need to get up to switch the lights on and off ; and greater energy savings, as the lights only come on when there is actually someone in the room.

The range is designed for almost every kind of application: Detection in corridors, indoor/outdoor with spherical joint adjustment, ceiling or false ceiling, wall-mounted … and to detect both movement and presence.

Finder 18 Series includes 14 models designed for different types of installations, depending on the needs and are also programmable via app, depending on the models.

  • PIR Internal movement and presence detectors as Types 18.51, 18.5D, 18.5K, 18.4K
  • Internal movement and presence detectors, as Types 18.61, 18.51, 18.91, 18.41, 18.31, 18.21, 18.01
  • External movement and presence detectors as Types 18.11 e 18.A1 

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