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Case study – Comparato and Finder: a shared vision

Case History

Comparato and Finder: a shared vision

Comparato is an Italian family-owned company that was founded in 1968 following an intuition by my grandfather Nello Comparato, who patented the Diasol, a Venturi ejector that completely revolutionized the concept of plumbing at the time.

The Diasol opened the door to new products and new solutions that are still in the Comparato price list today, such as motorized valves (the company’s current core business), and components for heating systems such as compensating manifolds, defangers, booster units, direct energy metering and hydraulic interface units. Finder products, particularly relays, are used at the heart of our motorized valves because they manage motor reversal in the opening and closing phases.

With Finder we have found the same values that we want to transmit to our customers – products made in Italy – quality and reliability.

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