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10 and 11 Series Light dependent relays

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10 and 11 Series light dependent relays

Within Finder’s dedicated lighting range we find the 10 Series and 11 Series light dependent relays, suitable for pole-mounting, wall-mounting, or panel-mounting.

The 10 Series light dependent relays are designed for pole- or wall-mounted installation and therefore particularly suitable for street lighting for light management in parking lots or driveways. Specifically, they allow lights to be turned on only when the natural lighting level falls below the set threshold, thus ensuring energy savings and comfort.

The 11 Series modular light dependent relays, are designed for installation in electrical panels with the help of one or more external photosensitive sensors. They enjoy two patents: the “zero hysteresis” system, which guarantees switching on and off without delay at the set LUX threshold, and the system for compensating the controlled lights, which is extremely useful both during installation and in daily use. These technical features make them extremely versatile and perfect for both residential, public or industrial applications.

Download the 10 Series’ datasheet >>>

Download the 11 Series’ datasheet >>>

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