YESLY. It's time for comfort living

YESLY is the innovative system for the smart control of lights, blinds and curtains, designed to ensure the maximum comfort in your home.

The YESLY System comprises a multifunction relay (actuator), a dimmer, the BEYON wireless pushbutton and two smartphone apps: Finder TOOLBOX and Finder YESLY. The devices intercommunicate via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).


YESLY smart home

Type 13.22 multifunction relay and Type 15.21 Bluetooth Dimmer

The Type 13.22 multifunction relay is the heart of the Yesly system.
It represents the natural evolution of the traditional step relay; and thanks to its unparalleled flexibility it can carry out a variety of on/off functions associated with lighting, electric shutters or power curtains.

Type 15.21 is a universal dimmer that allows you to remotely control many different types of light source -increasing comfort and reducing the waste of energy.
It is incredibly versatile and suitable for countless applications using dimmable LED or CLF lamps, halogen lamps, electronic ballasts.

Type 13.S2 Actuator for blinds and shutters

The Actuator Type 13.S2 is a single function relay with Bluetooth suitable for electric roller blinds and shutter. It is programmable with iOS and Android systems and it is suitable for fitting within a 60mm round wall box or other junction boxes.


Finder’s BEYON is an innovative remote control for your YESLY comfort living system. It can be paired up via app to switch ON/OFF or dim lights, control electric shutters, etc. You can set it up to control whatever you want and even activate SCENARIOS.

BEYON operates without batteries or recharge for an infinite amount of time, it's versatile and it can be fixed on walls, glass, mirrors or wherever you want thanks to an adeshive paper and magnetic link.

It's available in single or double configuration and in three colors: Finder blue, night grey and silver .

Relè multifunzione 13.72 BEYON

Type 013B9 Wireless button

The Type 013B9 wireless pushbutton has a mimalist look and it's specifically for wall mounting. It's avalaible with 2 or 4 channels and it can be mounted in a round 60mm box or affixed to flat surfaces.

The Gateway device

With Gateway device is possible to control YESLY system remotely, anywhere in the world and to check the devices'status, making changes, when necessary.
It works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, thanks to which is possible to manage all the system with voice control.

The range extender

The range extender is the device for controlling lights, electric shutters or roller blinds that are hard to reach. It is available as USB device or for box wall mounting and it's a "plug and play" device.
It repeats only when it receives the signal, reducing the electromagnetic emissions to a minimum.

The Input Interface

With the Input Interface is possible to use a switch or a pushbutton that is a part of a an existing home wiring system and transform it into a wireless YESLY switch to control all the system's devices.

The apps to manage your YESLY system

TOOLBOX. You can use this app to set up your YESLY system. It's the eletrician's digital tool

Finder YESLY You can use this app to easily control lights, curtains and shutters.


Applicazioni per il sistema YESLY



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