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Smart movement detectors for indoor ceiling mounting: installation and use

When installed in the correct place and in the correct way, these movement/presence detectors will help achieve an optimally performing and energy-saving managed lighting system.


Thanks to the integral brightness sensor, Finder movement and presence detectors also have the capability to detect the level of natural light present in the installed environment, such that; only when the light level falls below a settable threshold will these devices activate lighting, illuminating only the appropriate area which, together with a customizable delay time, results in minimal wastage of energy.

Their performance therefore makes them an ideal key product in the trend towards ever higher energy efficiency; an objective applicable over so many, and varied, contexts – spanning purely residential to commercial to industrial applications.

Type 18.5x detectors

Within the 18 Series detector range are the Type 18.5x devices, suitable for indoor application and available in 5 different versions.
These products have in common electronic and mechanical parts, as well as the optical structure of the Fresnel lens.

Thanks to the use of Fresnel lenses; special lenses that optimise focusing the Passive InfraRed radiation generated by body heat towards the pyroelectric sensor, these detectors capture body heat in front of the sensor over an angle ranging from 90 ° to 110 °.

Type 18.5x devices are available both as traditional (contact output) versions, or in KNX, DALI or Bluetooth variants, the latter programmable via the Finder Toolbox Plus app.

The characteristics that these products have in common are:

  • Accessories included in the box (fixings for ceiling, false ceiling and wall installation, and beam limiting accessory)
  • Fresnel lens and optimized pyroelectric sensor
  • Ability to detect even micro-movements
  • Large sensing area, up to 64 m2.

All the Type 18.5x devices are suitable for detecting micro movements and are ideal for application in offices, meeting rooms or classrooms. They sub-divide into the following versions:

Type 18.51 – Movement and presence detector, suitable for indoor installation.

In turn divided into the EASY version (Type 18.51-300), with operation in automatic mode, and the ON/OFF version (Type 18.51-0040) to accept an external pushbutton to force the output contact, and with dynamic brightness compensation functionality.

Type 18.51-B300 – Bluetooth movement and presence detector.

Thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy technology, this detector can be installed quickly and easily through the Finder Toolbox Plus app, available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Type 18.5D – DALI movement and presence detector.

Designed to simplify as far as possible the installation of DALI lighting. This device boasts three selectable functions: constant brightness control, switching on and off warning, switching on and off warning plus courtesy lighting.
NB: Programming must take place through the DALI interface. Possibility of connecting up to 8 power supplies.

Type 18.5K – KNX movement and presence detector with TÜV approval.

With two outputs (data telegrams) for load control (lighting, HVAC), and one output (data telegram) for movement detected, and a  Master/Slave mode to extend the sensing area

>> Download the brochure dedicated to the full range of Finder 18 Series movement detectors.

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