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Smart homes and smart buildings: Technologies, applications and products

The terms ‘smart home’ and ‘smart building’ are based on separate operating principles and are suited to different types of applications.


To understand the difference between these two concepts we need to look at the meaning of the two terms.

‘Smart home’ refers to a home that is equipped with connected systems that are manageable remotely and by one or more devices. Products used in smart homes tend to meet certain prerequisites of home automation, such as the use of the Internet, a high level of integrability with external systems, and an installation that tends to be simple and unobtrusive.

‘Smart building’ refers to a system of data collection from different sensors that is processed and then used to improve the energy efficiency of the building, and the quality of life of its occupants.

In general, the system underlying a smart building will include certain features such as the presence of a connecting bus data communication protocol, software for monitoring and data collection, and various other cloud computing services.

Therefore ‘smart home’ is the term used for the connection of various electrical and electronic devices in the home for management via smartphones or voice assistants, whereas the concept of ‘smart building’ refers to a method of data collection and processing to optimize a building’s resource efficiency.

Finder's smart home solutions

Finder’s smart home solution is YESLY, a simple and unobtrusive system for optimizing and making existing systems ‘smart’. YESLY is based on dual technology that ensures the integrated operation of all products in the system – even in the absence of an Internet connection.



The Finder smart home system allows multiple devices to be controlled at the same time by using programmed ‘scenarios’. Examples of this include operations such as turning on all the lights and lowering all the shutters at the same time, or dimming the lights in your living room when you want to watch TV.

The YESLY system currently includes different products for the total and simplified control of: lighting, controlled power outlets, electric locks, and electric blinds, curtains and shutters. Smart climate management can also be added to these functions through integration with the BLISS2 chronothermostat.

The Finder smart home system comprises:

Type 13.22 - YESLY Electronic Bluetooth Multi-function relay

Multifunction relay with 2NO 6 A contacts

Type 13.72 - YESLY Electronic Bluetooth Multi-function relay

Multifunction relay – compatible with most the popular Italian residential switch systems

Type 13.21-B000 - YESLY multifunction relay

Multifunction relay with 1CO 16 A contact – particularly suitable for the management of electric locks and controlled power outlets

Type 13.S2 - YESLY Electronic Bluetooth Multi-function relay

Bluetooth actuator for blinds and shutters

Type 15.21.8 - YESLY Electronic Bluetooth dimmers

Universal electronic dimmer 230V AC – perfect for LED loads up to 200 W;

Type 15.21.9 - YESLY PWM Bluetooth Dimmer

Dimmer with PWM technology – perfect for controlling LED strips

Type 15.71 - YESLY Electronic Bluetooth dimmer

Dimmer 230 V AC – compatible with most the popular Italian residential switch systems

Type 1Y.P2 - 2-Input YESLY interface unit

interface unit – the ‘retrofit’ solution integrating the YESLY system with traditional switches or push buttons

Type 013.B9 - Square wireless button

Wireless push button – with no batteries and no need for charging

Type 1Y.13 - BEYON YESLY Wireless button

BEYON remote control wireless push button– with no batteries and no need for charging

Type 1Y.GU - Smart home Gateway

GATEWAY – the heart of the YESLY system.

It can also be used with Finder temperature control products, including:

BLISS2 – the smart chronothermostat that let you manage the temperature and humidity level in the room, both easily and intelligently.

Type 13.21-S000 remote actuator – for temperature control in a single or multi-zone installation. Thanks to its radio-frequency transmission, this versatile  product can be used in a heating or cooling system by allowing the thermostat or chronothermostat to be placed anywhere within the home.

Type 01C.02-0500 power supply unit – powers thermostats and chronothermostats directly from the mains.ù

>>> Download the YESLY and BLISS2 selection guide.

Type 1Y.E8 - YESLY range extender

Box-mounted range extender

Type 1Y.EU - YESLY range extender

USB range extender

Finder's solutions for building automation

Like any other KNX-certified products, Finder KNX devices have undergone various compliance tests. The tests on these products certify compliance with the standards for communication and data security.

Products based on these technologies include:

Type 18.4K - KNX movement and presence detector

Corridor movement detector for ceiling and suspended ceiling mounting via KNX BUS. Particularly suitable for corridors and transit areas

Type 18.5K - PIR movement and presence detectors KNX

Movement and presence detector with a 64 m2 detection area. Designed for ceiling and suspended ceiling mounting. Particularly suitable for installations in offices, schools and common areas

Type 19.6K - Switching actuator with KNX technology

6-contact, 16 A actuator

Type 15.2K - KNX 2 - Channel Universal Dimmer

Universal dimmer with 2 outputs, 400 W 230 V AC. For controlling dimmable LEDs, halogen lamps, dimmable CFLs, and electronic and electromechanical transformers

Type 78.2K - KNX Switch mode power supply

Power supply with a 30 V DC – 640 mA output

Type 1K.02 - Universal KNX Interface

Types 1K.02 and 1K.04 universal interfaces – 2-input or 4-input

Type 1K.UB - KNX USB Interface

USB interface – only one module wide

>>> Download the KNX Finder product brochure

In addition to KNX, DALI also enables the automatic management of lighting.

The Type 18.5D movement and presence detector with DALI is designed to meet application needs with a high level of automation. It features simple installation without configuration software.


In the technological journey that the world continues to face, home and building automation occupy an increasingly relevant space.

Choosing the right system brings benefits in terms of efficiency and costs.

Both systems allow for the controlled and optimized management of energy consumption, and the remote and personalized management of installations.


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