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Finder products for the railway sector

Relays for the railway sector are subject to the highest technical standards to optimize efficiency and safety throughout the rail network.


Finder, with over 65 years of ‘made in Europe’ know-how and experience in the field of electromechanical and electronic components offers a wide range of devices for the railway sector that complies with the relevant standards. Some of the standards that Finder products comply with include:

  • EN 45545 for fire safety
  • EN 50155 for design and testing under certain temperatures and conditions
  • EN 61373 for resistance to shock and vibration

Finder relays for the railway sector have wider operating ranges, greater resistance to shock and vibration, operation over a wider range of ambient temperatures and humidity, and greater fire resistance of plastics.

What can you control with Finder railway relays?

The Finder range for the railway sector includes products intended for different types of use.

These products are designed for:

  • Rolling stock
  • Testing
  • Interior and exterior lighting management
  • Signal and signal box control
  • Air conditioning system control
  • Pantograph management
  • Door opening/closing mechanism control
  • Management of onboard appliances, electronic messaging systems, infotainment panels and power sockets within carriages

Finder devices for the railway sector contribute to safety and comfort on the tracks

Which Finder products meet the railway standards?

46T Series Miniature Industrial Relays. Available in 1 CO 16 A or 2 CO 8 A versions, these plug-in relays are available with an AC or DC coil and have an extended operating range (compared to the standard product). They are ideal for operating control desks, pantographs, door control, and can also be used in electronic messaging systems.

55T Series General Purpose Relays. These 4 CO 7A plug-in relays are used to manage train air conditioning systems, exterior and interior lights, on-board appliances and infotainment panels.

56T Series Miniature Power Relays. Available in 2 or 4 contact 12 A versions, either plug-in or with Faston 187 connections, these relays can be used to control pantographs and signal boxes as well as exterior and interior lights, and power sockets within carriages.

86T Series Timer Modules. Finder offers both a multi-function, multi-voltage version as well as a dual-function, multi-voltage version of this plug-in timer module. Both feature a wide nominal voltage range and a time scale from 0.05 s  to 100 h. These specifications make them suitable for door control and train appliance management.

80T Series Modular Timers. These timers are available in multi-function, multi-voltage or single-function, multi-voltage versions. They boast six time scales, from 0.1 s to 24 h and a high input/output isolation. In the railway sector they are used in the shunting operations of rolling stock, for door control, and for the management of electronic messaging systems and infotainment panels.

The 70T Series Line Monitoring Relays are electronic phase loss and rotation monitoring relays for three-phase applications. They are based on positive safety logic, i.e. the make contact opens if the relay detects an error. Available in 1 CO 6 A and 2 CO 8A versions, they can be used for workshop power sockets and for the control of train air conditioning systems.

The 11T Series Light Dependent Relays are devices for switching on the lamps according to the level of ambient brightness, and can be used in shunting operations and in the management of outside lights.

Discover all Finder solutions for the railway sector

Other Finder products suitable for applications in the railway sector include: The 22 Series Modular Contactors, which can be used for the management of on-board appliances and power sockets; the 7S Series Modular Relays with forcibly guided contacts, which ensure safety in door control and signalling applications; and the 83 Series Modular Timers, which manage the timing on workshop power sockets, in shunting operations and in door control.

See the Finder brochure for Railway Applications.

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