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Product News – LED Light for Industrial Enclosures


Finder’s 7L Series LED Light is a perfect design for all your electrical and industrial panel needs. Quick, easy, versatile, and packed with features, it lights up your design.

A New Take on LED Panel Lighting

Finder took ‘difficult’ out of panel LED lamp selection. A simple selection from the versions available and you are on your way to a solution. Two voltage ranges, (12 … 48)V AC/DC and (110 … 240)V AC/DC plus two brightness levels – 600 or 1200 lumens.

Reality, LED lights are not created equal.

Right off LED lighting offers many positive solutions over the older fluorescent or incandescent options. Long life, low power consumption and low heat are the obvious. It is all about the light. That is why Finder paid close attention to detail throughout the design process.

  • Balance between available lumens. Too low or two high and the light is not effective. The Finder 7L Series offers a good balance with 600 or 1200 lumen versions and a radiation angle of 120°.
  • Color (temperature) of light is very important. Unlike ambient residential environments, a panel light must provide work lighting. Without the right color temperature working in enclosed spaces and dark environments proves challenging. The Finder 7L at daylight crisp 5000K offers the best color necessary to get the job done.

Designed by Professionals for Professionals

This is what Finder has accomplished for over 65 years. The process of continuous improvement is applied to everything we design and manufacture as seen here with our newest product, the 7L Series.

  • strong direct magnetic connection or by the included mounting bracket. No need to choose.
  • Bracket allows rotation of the 7L to help ‘aim’ the light in the direction needed.
  • Custom designed housing with a hand grip in the center making it easy to use and move around in the panel if desired.
  • Single or multi (daisy-chained) connection options offered (up to 7 lamps).

Switching Flexibility

Knowing you require options to activate the panel lighting, Finder offers a traditional approach but with a twist.

  • To keep it simple a version without any switch, allowing a remote input or door switch to control the light.
  • An ON/OFF switch, not a mechanical version but electronic. Once power is removed the digital switch will require activation upon powering to turn the lamp back on – an energy saving design.
  • Lastly a PIR or motion detector. With decades of experience on PIR’s and movement detectors, the 7L benefits from Finder’s history providing a very sensitive, wide range of activation.

Light Up Your Panel

The Finder 7L brings a modern approach to panel lighting from a global manufacturer of panel control components. It’s not difficult, it’s not expensive, it’s Finder.