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7T Series Thermostat / Thermo-Hygrostat


7T Series Thermostat / Thermo-Hygrostat

So, what is a panel thermostat or hygrostat and why are they used?

There are various types of thermostats from simple residential to precision electronic versions for medical and industrial applications. The difference between thermostats depends on the application and how precise the temperature measurement needs to be.

A panel thermostat is a very cost effective and simple device working in conjunction with heating and cooling equipment to protect components against temperature and condensation. Easy to wire and mount, a visible dial to select temperature.

How does it work?

A panel thermostat consists of a bi-metallic strip or disc. As the name suggest this device is made of two different metals bonded together. As temperature increases or decreases the two metals react – moving – thus either opening or closing an electrical contact.

Depending on the type of contact either NO (normally open) or NC (normally closed) the wired components will control heaters or fans to regulate panel temperature.

The environment can present additional challenges past the typical heating or cooling needs – consider moisture or condensation. We’ve all seen windows steam up due to the difference between the outside and inside environments. Now consider a functioning control panel where temperature is acceptable, but the humidity is high. Raining on electrical components never ends well and this is where a Thermo-Hygrostat comes in.

A dual device able to sense temperature plus humidity and respond accordingly. Like a thermostat the bimetal disc will sense temperature but the device will also sense the % of humidity.

What about panel design – size and flexibility matter.


When a designer plans the thermoregulation of a panel, consideration must be made for placement and mounting of thermostats. With warm air rising and cool air doing the opposite the best area in the panel needs to be determined to avoid long term damage of components.

If the device is too wide, difficult to mount or has both heat and cool sensing, it can limit panel design and efficiency.

Is there a better solution?

Of course – Finder 7T Series!


Finder presents easy to use and cost-effective panel thermostats with a small footprint for a variety of applications and ranges.

7T.81 Heating or Cooling Panel Thermostat


The 7T.81 series are used to sense temperature offering two versions – one for cool with NO contacts and one for heat with NC contacts.


  • 10 A contacts
  • Dual F & C temp range
  • 3 versions of set ranges
  • DIN rail mount
  • Narrow width – 17.5 mm
  • three temperature ranges from – 4° F to + 140° F

7T.51 Thermo-Hygrostat


With the 7T we expand to sense both temperature and relative humidity with 4 functions and a humidity range up to 90 %.


  • 1 NO 10 A – 250 V AC1
  • 110 to 240 V AC/DC nominal voltage
  • + 50° F to + 140° F temp range
  • Electronic control
  • DIN rail mount
  • Narrow width – 17.5 mm

The 7T Series from Finder.

Sense – Control – Temperature – Humidity.

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