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What are the benefits of NFC technology? – NFC app


NFC technology stands for Near Field Communication Technology. Like Bluetooth, the technology enables the transfer of encrypted data quickly without physical contact, but devices have to be within a proximity of 4cm. This technology has now made its way into industrial automation devices, and it can simplify what used to be more complicated procedures. Let’s take a further look into NFC technology and how Finder has implemented it in its products with the Finder Toolbox NFC app.


What are the benefits of NFC?

With Finder’s NFC compatible products and the Finder Toolbox NFC app, users can simply and quickly transfer data with a tap in a similar way we use Apple pay or Google pay at shops with mobile phones. Any programmes and data for Finder’s time switches, SMARTimers, and smart energy meters are easily transferrable which can save installers time and money over doing it manually.

Other benefits of NFC technology are that it is very versatile and that is safe and secure to use. The data is encrypted, and it also doesn’t need search and pair methodology like Bluetooth. This again saves time and is more efficient in comparison. Devices can even be programmed when unpowered (the write cycle completes when the device is next powered up), so timers can be easily pre-configured prior to installation.


Are there any disadvantages of NFC?

The location of the NFC antenna is not standardised between different phone brands. This means sometimes the enclosure or other obstructions can make it difficult to get the phone’s NFC antenna close enough. However, this can be easily overcome by temporarily unclipping the timer from the DIN rail.

The Finder Toolbox NFC app

Finder has extended its range of products programmable through the Finder Toolbox NFC app, available on Android and iOS devices. Now, in addition to the 12 Series time switches and 84 Series SMARTimer, you can program and configure the new 7M Series smart energy meters using NFC.

NFC technology lets you read and program the 7M Series smart meters quickly and flexibly via your smartphone. NFC technology even allows reading the measured energy even in the absence of mains voltage

Using the NFC app you can customise the meters’ different parameters, for example, choosing what to show on the display, enabling or disabling the 16 resettable counters, and choosing the type of energy and power to be measured and displayed.

You can also adjust the display’s brightness levels and switch off time, set the M-Bus and Modbus parameters, reset the counters, and store and share programs.