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12 Series time switches for the irrigation of allotments and gardens

Using Finder’s 12 Series time switches to automate an irrigation system is a simple and safe solution.


Automating the irrigation of gardens, lawns and vegetable patches may depend on several factors and specific needs. You may for example opt for automation where the square footage to be irrigated is beyond a manageble size, or where it isn’t possible to be present at the appropriate times.

In these instances, the use of time switches is an easy and optimal solution – minimizing the organizational stress, forgetfulness and other aspects of garden management. Enjoy and relax more, knowing so much of this is being taken care of by an automated and precise irrigation system.

Finder's range of 12 Series time switches

The 12 Series range of time switches has traditionally focused on the optimized management of lighting control but is also ideal for other automation processes such as the irrigation of public and private gardens, vegetable plots, sports grounds and similar.

The right time switch for every application

The choice of the device always starts from the structure of the system – whether existing or yet to be created. Here are some examples of systems and their respective Finder solutions:

  • Irrigation systems are managed by a solenoid valve. In this case, if an operating time of less than 60 min is required, the simplest way is to use the output pulse function of (for example) a Type 12.61 time switch. Or if the required operating time is more than an hour, then use a switch with an on/off function.
  • Systems and installations with non-critical operating times. In this case, the ideal product to install would be a Type 12.51 time switch, with its minimum programming interval of 30 min.
  • System managed by a control unit or by a solenoid valve requiring a one-second pulse. For this application, it would be ideal to install a Type 12.61 time switch and use the impulse function.

Smart time switches with NFC technology

Setting a time switch using NFC technology is really very simple.

The range of Finder time switches with NFC technology includes 3 different types of products:

  • 12 SERIES BASIC. Includes Types 12.51 and 12.81, analogue/digital switches with daily/weekly programming and a minimum programming interval of 30 min (Type 12.51)
  • 12 SERIES DIGITAL. Includes Types 12.61 and 12.62, digital time switches with weekly programming and a minimum programming interval of 1 minute. The Type 12.61 time switch is particularly suitable for the timing of irrigation systems, allowing for weekly programming and the ability to account for winter/summer times over different continents.
  • 12 SERIES ASTRO. This style of time switch, including Types 12.A1 and 12.A2, is widely used for the effective and efficient management of lighting by switching on and off in relation to sunset and sunrise times, as defined by the geographic location and the time of year.


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Reliable, flexible and programmable

Finder’s 12 Series time switches excel through their:

RELIABILITY. The 12 Series is designed and manufactured entirely within the Finder SpA Headquarters, Design and Production centre in Italy.

All Finder’s processes follow systems prescribed under ISO9001, certifying and underwriting quality and accuracy during the total design and production process, which is so critical for factories working with cutting-edge technologies.

FLEXIBILITY. These are products that boast a very wide variety of functions including the possibility of configuring the switch directly from a smartphone using the Finder Toolbox app, allowing system programming in precise detail and with ample scope for customization.

SIMPLICITY OF PROGRAMMING. The ability to program Finder time switches directly from your smartphone makes them amongst the quickest and easiest of their product type to use.


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