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Products for residential and commercial applications

The range of Finder products designed for residential and commercial installations includes devices and systems suitable for use in apartments, independent villas and housing complexes. These can be also perfectly installed in buildings such as schools and offices as well as in public areas such as hotels, offices and restaurants.

Condo solutions
Finder's solutions for residential projects include devices for the management of lighting and energy of apartment buildings' lobbies, gardens, stairs and garages.
Smart home
Finder solutions for smart home include products that allows you to control lights, electric roller blinds, curtains, climate and much more in a smart way ensuring the ultimate in a comfortable environment.
Home solutions
Finder residential solutions include home comfort living and security products for any situation and any type of residential building.
Schools and offices
Finder's range of products for buildings such as schools, offices and public buildings include products that optimise comfort and improve safety wherever they are installed.
Public lighting
Finder solutions for controlling lighting in public areas are aimed at achieving optimum comfort and improving safety day and night, while at the same time minimizing and optimizing energy consumption.
Commercial (hotels, restaurants and shops)
Finder's range for commercial applications include products for electrical systems in hotels, restaurants and shops.
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