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Finder's Industrial Solutions

Finder’s wide range of industrial solutions includes devices for industrial applications and automation. From multi purpose relays and components for electrical panels to specific devices for automatic warehouses, packaging and lift systems, products for the food & beverage sector, devices for ATEX rated explosive atmospheres and for the protection of facilities and equipment.

Industrial contactors
Compact sizes and high performing.
Panel accessories
The range of the panel accessories includes a wide range of options for every kind of enclosure, as the rail or chassis mount power outlet 7U Series or the high current terminal blocks 9D Series.
Programmable Logic Relays
A simple and complete range of Programmable Logic Relays perfect for creating simple applications in industrial automation, OEM and building automation. Programmable with both a traditional language (Ladder) and an innovative open-source language (IDE / ARDUINO).
Industrial relays
Finder industrial relays' range include Miniature Industrial relays(46 Series), Miniature and general Purpose Relays (55 series and 60 Series), Power relays (56, 62, 65 and 66 Series), Solar relays (67 Series), Bistable relays (RB Series) and Fast Relay modules ( RR Series).
Relay interface modules
Finder Relay Interface Modules include Relay Interface Modules (38 Series),MasterINTERFACE - Relay Interface Modules (39 Series ), Relay Interface Modules (48, 4C and 58 Series) and Override and Status indicating modules (19 Series).
P.C.B. Relays
Finder P.C.B. relays include Subminiature DIL/PCB relays (30 series and 32 series), slim PCB relays EMR or SSR (34 series), miniature PCB relays (36 series, 40 series and 45 series), low-profile PCB relays (41 series and 43 series).
Relays with forcibly guided contacts
Relays with forcibly guided contacts of the Finder range include 50 Series - Forcibly guided contacts relays and 7S Series - Relay module with forcibly guided contacts.
Monitoring Relays
Finder’s monitoring relays range includes the 70 and 72 Series which are designed for a wide range of applications, among these: electronic voltage monitoring (single/three-phase applications), voltage or current detecting, thermistor temperature sensing and liquids’ level control.
Solid State Relays (SSR)
Solid State Relays (SSR) are semiconductor devices with no moving parts which are ideal for applications with high switching volumes in a short period of time, where reliability and long electrical life are paramount.
Industrial thermoregulation
Finder devices for industrial thermoregulation include 7T Series - Panel Thermo-Hygrostats and thermostats, 7F Series - Filter Fan, 7H Series - Panel Heaters.
LED panel lights for electrical enclosures
The Finder 7L Series - LED panel lights for electrical enclosures - are the perfect solution for machineries and electrical panels of all types. They guarantee low power consumption and a wide illuminated area.
Finder's timers range includes the 80, 81, 83 Series, with multi-voltage modular timers, the 84 Series' SMARTimer, the 85 Series - miniature Plug-in Timers, the 86 Series - Timer modules and the 88 Series Plug-in Timers.
Power supplies
The high-performance switch mode power supplies of the 78 Series are suitable for a wide range of applications, thanks to adjustable output voltage, overvoltage and short circuit protection.
Energy meters
Finder's energy meters are designed for monitoring, measuring, and transmitting data via pulse output, communication interface, M-Bus, Modbus or Ethernet.
Surge Protection Devices (SPD)
Finder's 7P Series Surge protection devices (SPD) are designed for single/three phase applications, both in industrial and residential/commercial systems, as well as for protection of photovoltaic systems and data lines.
Modular contactors
Finder 22 Series devices include a complete range of modular contactors characterized by extreme quietness and high switching power.
Products for railway applications
The Finder range dedicated to the products for railway applications include Miniature Industrial relays (46 Series ), Miniature General Purpose relays (55 Series ), Line monitoring relay (70 Series), Relay modules with forcibly guided contacts (7S Series), Modular Timers (80,81,83 Series), Timer modules (86 Series ) and Modular Light Dependent Relays (11 Series).
ATEX and HazLoc Products
ATEX and HazLoc products includes the 58, 39, 66, 86 Series and are designed for potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with the ATEX and HazLoc directive. These products can be used in places such as chemical and petrochemical plants, within the pharmaceutical industry and where there are refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
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