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YESLY makes its debut at Light + Building

The international Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt, the most important trade fair in the lighting and home technologies sector, was an enormous success.


YESLY makes its debut at Light + Building

The international Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt, the most important trade fair in the lighting and home technologies sector, was an enormous success. It provided a great opportunity for Finder to showcase its many new products; and the company chose this event to launch YESLY, a key product in its comfort living range.

YESLY, it’s time for comfort living

“Time for comfort living” is the slogan which describes the new system, and immediately draws your attention to what it can achieve; comfort living in your own home – with practical solutions in the control of wireless lighting, electric shutters and blinds.

How many times do we get up from the sofa in order to turn the light on or off? And how many times do we struggle to find a switch in the dark? How often do we wish we could operate our electric blinds quickly, and at the touch of a switch?

This is what makes YESLY so special: it allows you to optimize and modernize your equipment without having to carry out disruptive and expensive work – achieving maximum comfort, and saving you both time and money!

Also, with YESLY you can simply use your smartphone or the practical “BEYON” wireless button.

How YESLY works

YESLY includes a number of Finder devices which can be connected via Bluetooth technology: • Type 13.72 activator: the beating heart of YESLY. This electronic device, which is configured via Bluetooth, enables you to turn your floor lamps, ceiling lamps and wall lamps on and off; and to operate your electric blinds and shutters.

• Type 15.71 universal dimming device: this dimmer is configured via Bluetooth enabling you to adjust intensity of your lights – increasing your comfort and reducing energy consumption.

• BEYON button: the wireless button that never needs to be recharged! You can activate all the YESLY system devices with BEYON and create your perfect ambiance. You can locate the button on the coffee table, dining table, bedside cabinet, in the kitchen … or anywhere you choose.

• Using the Finder Toolbox+ App, it’s easy to install the YESLY system. Thanks to the Finder Toolbox+ App, anyone who wishes to install the system can follow the step-by-step guide to ensure that it’s installed and configured correctly.

• The Finder YESLY App, with its simple, practical interface: this App enables you to turn your lights on and off, adjust them, and operate your blinds conveniently via your smartphone.

Try it out for yourself!

At last, technology that is easy to use and simple to install. YESLY is at the pre-launch stage and will be available for purchase from retailers of electrical appliances in July/August 2018.