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7M Series – New smart energy meters

The new 7M Series of smart energy meters boasts a highly advanced and innovative design, rich in features including the ability to read and program via smartphones with NFC technology. MID certified and with networking capability through its M-Bus and Modbus RS485 ports, these are products suitable for a multiplicity of applications.


Finder introduces its new 7M Series of energy meters. Devices characterized by an innovative design with capacitive touch-sensitive key and backlit LCD display, plus programmability via NFC thanks to the dedicated Finder Toolbox NFC app.

The 7M energy meter range is comprised of the Type 7M.24 for single-phase systems and the Type 7M.38 for three-phase and single-phase systems.

Type 7M.24 energy meters

These Type 7M.24 single-phase bi-directional energy meters are characterized by integral tamper-proof  power and control terminal shields, touch-sensitive navigation and programming key, and an integral communications interface for the remote monotoring and management of energy consumption.


Type 7M.24 - Principle features & Applications

The Type 7M.24 meters are available in different versions:

  • Type 7M. is an entry level version, for kWh monitoring only and with S0 interface.
  • Type 7M. is a multi-function device, MID certified and with S0 pulse output.
  • Type 7M. has the features of the “0010” version, but is also equipped with NFC technology to customize the display and readings.
  • Type 7M. is a bi-directional multi-function smart meter, MID certified, with integral Modbus RS485 interface and equipped with NFC technology for practical programming of Modbus parameters via smartphone.
  • Type 7M. NFC is a bi-directional multi-function smart meter, MID certified, with integral M-Bus interface and equipped with NFC technology


These meters are the ideal solution for monitoring domestic, industrial and office energy consumption, for photovoltaic systems and campsites.

Visit the product sheet for more information and download the dedicated documentation.

Type 7M.38 Energy meters

These Type 7M.38 energy meters are bi-directional multi-function smart meters for three-phase 3 and 4-wire systems, and single-phase systems. Equipped with NFC technology, they allow easy customization and programming. They also allow you to download measurements directly to your smartphone.

These products feature a backlit matrix display and a multi-function touch-sensitive key. They are MID certified at 80 A, 70 °C, have dual tariffs and, depending on the model, are equipped with a double S0 pulse output or a Modbus or M-Bus communication interface.


3 different models, for EV Charging columns and much more

With a maximum rated current of 80 A at 70 °C and MID compliance these energy meters are the ideal device for electric vehicle charging stations.

The 7M.38 range of energy meters for three-phase systems includes the following types:
Type 7M.38.8.400.0112  NFC with dual pulse S0 output for remote energy monitoring, and IR communication interface. Type 7M.38.8.400.0212 NFC, with integral Modbus RS485 communications port, S0 pulse output, and IR communication interface. Type 7M.38.8.400.0312 NFC, with integral M-Bus communication port, S0 pulse output, and IR communications interface.

Visit the product sheet of the Type 7M.38 for more information.

Download the documentation of the new Finder 7M Series energy meters to learn more about all the technical features.

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