Finder announces its new Type 18.91 ultra-compact movement detector

Type 18.91

The Type 18.91 is the latest addition to the 18 Series, and the first Finder movement detector to have been specially designed to be installed onto a three-module box, making it fully compatible with the most widely used residential wiring accessories systems.

Finder - 18.91

The new movement sensor showcases a unique, innovative design and an ultra-compact size, giving it an edge over almost any other product of its kind available on the market.
The most notable new feature is the built-in lens, which is formed as an integral part of the product's body. Once the Type 18.91 detector has been installed the lens remains hidden and fully camouflaged within the button panel. Even the selector switches to set shutdown delay and the light response threshold, which are located at the front, are concealed behind a convenient, handy flap. These are the features that make the Type 18.91 so unique.

Finder - 18.91 indicazioni

Available in two colours: ice white and charcoal grey. The box comes with five different adaptors in white or grey, depending on the colour chosen.

Finder - 1891_0040 placca Finder - 1891_0042 placca



The Type 18.91 is designed to be installed in heavily transited areas such as corridors, bathrooms and stairways. Its detection range makes it ideal for use in both wide areas and more confined spaces. The detector can be adapted to suit almost any kind of setting and is compatible with the BTicino®*, Vimar®* and Geiwiss®* residential systems using the appropriate adaptors.


* Note that these trademarks and trade names are not the property of Finder SpA or any of its associated companies, and are referred to in this sheet for the purposes of technical information only.



With its built-in lens, the product has a detection range of 110° with a depth of 7 metres.

Finder - 1891 campi copertura

The Type 18.91, which also has a triac port, can drive electric loads up to 200 W to 230 VAC, whilst 'Zero Crossing' technology ensures a long electrical life. It is also particularly suited to managing LED lamp loads. It can drive 230 V lamps, including incandescent light bulbs/halogen bulbs, toroidal transformers, electronic ballasts and electromechanical transformers for low-voltage halogen lamps, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), 230 V LEDs and low-voltage electronic LED transformers. The delay adjustment can be set from 10 seconds to 20 minutes, whilst adjustment of the light response threshold can be set between 5 to 500 lux. Supply voltage: 230 VAC.