Nova versão dos Mini relés para circuito impresso Série 34

A Finder fez uma importante alteração na produção dos Mini relés para circuito impresso Série 34. Este relé é amplamente utilizado no mercado de automação como interface para PLC, fazendo parte estrutura das Interfaces Séries 38 e 39. A razão da mudança: maior precisão no processo de so...

MasterINTERFACE: "Tomorrow's Interface Today!"

The 39 Series MasterINTERFACE is a new concept in interface relays from Finder: Ultraslim (only 6.2 mm); and available in 5 different versions, suitable for interfacing with PLC-controlled automated systems: “MasterBASIC” for use in any type of system. “MasterPLUS”, with fuse – a...

18 Series - New generation of movement detectors

Finder completes its 18 Series with 3 new movement detectors designed to suit specific applications. Type Primarily for use in rectangular areas such as hotel lobbies and corridors, offices and walkways. This version’s characteristics are ac...

12 Series - Innovating with time.

FINDER, always attentive to new technologies and the rapid changes in the world of electronics, presents two new versions of the 12 Series time switch, which thanks to NFC - Near Field Communication, and the App FINDER Toolbox Free download from Google play, lets you program these...

Serie 15 - Dimmer Master & Slave

Finder’s latest dimmer solution is simple, flexible and powerful, thanks to the principle of Master and Slave Dimmers. The Master Dimmer produces a 0 -10 V signal proportional to the required dimming level which, when connected to the terminals of the Slave Dimmers, will control the voltage app...

MasterINTERFACE: “A interface do amanhã, hoje!”

A Série 39 MasterINTERFACE é um novo conceito de interface a relé da Finder: Ultrafina (somente 6.2mm); e 5 versões disponíveis, aplicáveis no interfaceamento de PLC’s (sistemas autônomos de controle).