Welcome to the new Finder website

Designed to be responsive and user-friendly

Finder website


The new Finder website is now live!

At Finder the product life cycle begins with analysis, meetings and a lot of testing; which are all carried out extensively before each and every launch. We followed the same process for our new website – and the results speak for themselves!

Welcome to our new, international website!

This launch sets a fundamental milestone in our "Switch to the future" strategy. It is meant to further push our boundaries in innovation: in our products; and in the skills and tools that we wish to provide for you. 

Our ultimate goal: to better meet your needs! 

Created for you, wherever you are ... 

The new website is faster, easier to browse and has many new features:

  •  a new, fully responsive web design, which has been structured to provide an optimized browsing experience on all devices, both desktop and mobile;
  •  a strengthened and super-fast search system, capable of anticipating the answer to your searches.
  •  A modern and intuitive interface, which is meant to provide the right information at the right time!
  • A set of more practical and effective communication tools

It was essential for us to create a site that not only reports our whole technical catalogue, but that truly represents our company, by providing real-time information, updates and the services you need.

The wait was long, the work hard, but it was worth it, since we believe we can now bring to you a seamless browsing experience. Try it!

Keep an eye on our website and follow us on our social channels, for the latest updates from Finder!