Finder - Movement detector with Bluetooth interface

Something new at Finder: now the Type 18.51 movement detector can be programmed with a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Low Energy technology enables you to easily configure the new movement detector’s parameters with a smartphone with either an Android or an iOS operating system. Once you have installed the detector, download the free Finder Toolbox App, from the official Google and Apple stores, to configure the device.
Open the application and choose Series 18 from the configuration menu, and then search for Bluetooth LE devices and select the device to be set from the list, considering that the devices are arranged according to distance from the nearest to the furthest.
The detectors can be named via the App to make them easier to locate inside the building. You can set the brightness level from 4 lux to 1000 lux, the delay time from 12 seconds to 25 minutes, and the detection sensitivity to one of three levels: low, medium, high.
Whenever you connect to a device, a red LED confirms that the correct linking has taken place and all the set values are thereby shared with the detector. The detector responds with two feedback values: the ambient brightness read by the light sensor on the device and the status of the contact, whether closed (ON) or open (OFF).

For security reasons, the detectors can also be locked with a selector switch and a 4-digit PIN to prevent the parameters from being changed by unauthorized users.The PIN will be requested every time you wish to change a value. If you lose the PIN, a special hardware sequence allows you to reset the device.

The setting operations are extremely simple using Bluetooth, because it is no longer necessary to directly access the device, which is often at a height of a few metres. Also, using your smartphone for setting, you no longer need to purchase a specific accessory suitable for the purpose.

The has a high-performance movement sensor that can detect the presence or movement of a person over a sensing area of 64m2 and can be installed on a solid or a suspended ceiling. The special AgSnO2 contact material means the 10A output contact is suitable for use with any type of lamp load.The detector can be powered at a voltage of 110...230V AC (50/60) Hz.


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