Donating for Good

This year we have decided to replace the traditional seasonal greetings card with a message of solidarity, whilst supporting a renowned international organization in order to help enable it to engage in its projects more effectively. At the heart of Médecins Sans Frontières' (Doctors ...

New version of the Ultra-Slim 34 Series printed circuit board relay

Finder has made an important production modification to the markings on the pcb 34 Series relay. This relay is also widely used in industrial automation, typically as a PLC interface - marketed as the 38 and 39 series of Modular Interface Relays. The reasons for the change: greater prec...

KNX presence and movement detector

Type 18.5K - KNX presence and movement detector A new technological product has been added to the range of presence and movement detectors of Series 18: this is the type 18.5K detector with KNX technology. The new movement sensor uses the reliable and tested detection technology that a...

15 Series - Dimmer Master & Slave

Finder’s latest dimmer solution is simple, flexible and powerful, thanks to the principle of Master and Slave Dimmers. The Master Dimmer produces a 0 -10 V signal proportional to the required dimming level which, when connected to the terminals of the Slave Dimmers, will control the voltage app...

Finder - Movement detector with Bluetooth interface

Bluetooth Low Energy technology enables you to easily configure the new movement detector’s parameters with a smartphone with either an Android or an iOS operating system. Once you have installed the detector, download the free Finder Toolbox App, from the official Google and Ap...

12 Series - Innovating with time.

FINDER, always attentive to new technologies and the rapid changes in the world of electronics, presents two new versions of the 12 Series time switch, which thanks to NFC - Near Field Communication, and the App FINDER Toolbox Free download from Google play, lets you program these...

18 Series - New generation of movement detectors

Finder completes its 18 Series with 3 new movement detectors designed to suit specific applications. Type Primarily for use in rectangular areas such as hotel lobbies and corridors, offices and walkways. This version’s characteristics are ac...

MasterINTERFACE: "Tomorrow's Interface Today!"

The 39 Series MasterINTERFACE is a new concept in interface relays from Finder: Ultraslim (only 6.2 mm); and available in 5 different versions, suitable for interfacing with PLC-controlled automated systems: “MasterBASIC” for use in any type of system. “MasterPLUS”, with fuse – a...

1C.81 Thermostat Touch NFC

Finder presents the new weekly thermostat Touch Screen 1C.81, the elegant painted finishes are available in two colors: white RAL 9010 and Anthracite Metallic. The ease of use, the display backlight "ultra white" and driven programming through the keys with acoustic feedback, are some of the main features of this product.

Motion detector with DALI system

Finder presents the new motion detector and occupancy type 18.5D with DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface Interface). Specific for the reading of micro movements, it is suitable for applications in offices, schools, work environments in general. The lens has been developed to obtain the best coverage of the micro movements, ensuring two reading areas of sensitivity and identified as "motion area" and "presence area". The first - "motion area" - wide, covering an area of ​​8 x 8 meters; while the second - "presence area" - more important for the detection of small movements, covers an 'area of ​​4 x 4 meters. According to the movement and the brightness read from the internal sensor, the 18.5D can be used in three different modes.