Industrial refrigeration: Finder solutions

Starting from the so-called ‘conquest of cold’ – the name by which the invention of refrigerators in the 20th century is known – refrigeration systems have been subject to non-stop evolution and innovation, and have expanded into different types of products in various sectors, such as food, medical, chemical/pharmaceutical and air conditioning.

The most popular applications in the refrigeration sector include:

  • cold rooms;
  • refrigerated counters and cabinets;
  • refrigerators;
  • blast chillers.

In compliance with the standards in place concerning refrigeration, Finder offers a wide range of products for:

  • the control of compressors for refrigeration loop generation to manage compressor programming and overall operation;
  • condensate level monitoring for refrigerated counters and cabinets.

With a compact footprint, the capability to manage high inrush currents, high sensitivity and control accuracy, Finder components are suitable for a wide range of refrigeration applications, and they boast a high number of agency approvals and certifications. 

Here are some Finder products that are used in refrigeration applications:

  • 40 Series – PCB / Plug-in relays
    1 and 2 pole for PCB or socket mounting, with low consumption coils and a rated current of up to 16 A: Available in both AC and DC, including a bistable version.


Type 40.62 PCB / plug-in relay




Type 55.34 general purpose relay




Type 72.01 level control relay for conductive liquids and type 072.11 floor water sensor


  • 80 Series – Modular timers 
    1 and 2 pole multivoltage and multifunction modular timers with a rated current of up to 16 A.



Type 80.01


  • 65 Series – Power relays 20 – 30 A
    65 Series power relays for PCB, Faston 250 or flange mounting. ≥ 3 mm contact gap version available.



Type 65.31


  • 70 Series – Line monitoring relays
    Electronic voltage monitoring relays for single and three-phase applications that allow monitoring of undervoltage and overvoltage, phase sequence and phase failure.



Type 70.31


  • Relays compliant with the ATEX directive
  1. 58 series Relay interface modules
    2 or 4 pole ATEX compliant relay interface modules for Zone 2 installations (gas).
  2.  66 series Power relays 
    2 pole ATEX compliant power relays with PCB mounting, rated 25 A at 70°C, for the management of compressors and motor loads



58 e 66 ATEX

Type 50.32 relay interface module (ATEX version) and type 66.22 power relay