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It’s time for comfort living.

Finder introduces BLISS WIFI, the latest of its ‘smart’ electronic products designed to bring comfort to the home. Simply and quickly control and manage the temperature and weekly timing settings out on the go anytime, anywhere, using your smartphone, tablet or other device.

Through the Finder BLISS App, (available on Google Play or the Apple App Store), the AUTOAWAY function allows the setting of a lower temperature when the property is unoccupied. Using the GPS function on your smartphone, it activates when the last registered user leaves the house, lowering the temperature (pre-set by you) – offering considerable energy savings. It also allows the management of different locations, such as main residences and holiday homes all without any additional accessories or wiring needed.

BLISS contains a contact rating of 5 A 250 V AC and operates on a power supply of 4 1.5 V AA batteries, and runs with a 5 - 37 °C day/night setting. With a PIN lock padlock function, the control of the temperature can be managed and protected with ease, especially useful for public places and hotels.

Simply BLISS.


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