The New 7T.51 Multi-Function Panel Thermo-Hygrostat


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Finder’s new 7T.51 multi-function thermo-hygrostat is a must-have for panel and machine builders needing a space-saving solution to help detect and maintain optimal temperature and humidity within their control panels, particularly in changing environments.

Imperative for applications where the need to control temperature and humidity is vital, such as in road/tunnel lighting, industrial furnaces, refrigeration, and transportation, Finder’s latest innovative advancement detects and maintains the correct humidity depending on ambient temperatures, all within a multi-functional, 35mm rail mounting (EN 60715), compact 17.5mm size. 

With thermostat full-scale accuracy at -1…+3K, and hygrostat accuracy within 5%, the combined unit is both space-saving and cost effective. It’s 1 NO 10 A contact allows for direct control of heaters and fans, without a separate modular contactor. 



Watch our Youtube video below for an insight into our Industrial Thermoregulation range.

Also, click the 75.51 report attached below for more information.