Great things come in small packages!

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Finder introduces its new, compact 3-pole safety module with forcibly guided contacts, suitable for applications that monitor safety equipment such as emergency stops, safety switches & safety devices conforming to EN-50205.

The 7S Series, with screw-in or push-in connections, offers customer choice when installing in machine or production environments that have applications with vibration.

The Type 7S.23 stacks up well against the competition, measuring in at just 17.5mm, with 2NO and 1NC 10A rated contacts.

Systems Integrators and machine builders with the need to regulate safety equipment such as e-stop buttons, gate switches, coded magnetic switches, safety sensors or two hand start systems will welcome the greater flexibility that the 7S provides.

Finder’s track record of producing high quality products in Europe is why customers turn to Finder for serious safety applications.