Black is the new White: New look for ultra-slim PCB relay

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Circuit designers and installers needing a compact, smart, high-functioning relay (Electromechanical or Solid State) with wear-resistant product marking and excellent RTII (flux-proof) sealing need look no further than the ultra-slim PCB relay from Finder, now with a new ‘super-seal’ black casing.

Finder has developed a new production facility and processes to maintain its reputation as a market leader in quality relay production. The new technology uses edge-detection algorithms and laser-welding on the black & white case to achieve a high-level RTII (flux-proof) case seal. This gives the customer the confidence to use Finder relays in PCB and plug-in applications where reliability is key.

The new Finder ultra-slim PCB relay 34 series features high-quality laser-printed marking that is clear and bright and wear-resistant.