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Redefining Residential Lighting - what can home automation control?

1949 was a year of brilliance for innovation in the automation industry.  The Manchester Digital Machine (precursor to the Ferranti Mark1) became fully operational, and of course, Piero Giordanino, the founder of Finder, patented his revolutionary step-relay. The step-relay represented not just a step, but a leap in building control technology consisting of simple on-off pulses from a low-voltage, low-current switch, causing outputs to change state in a controlled sequential manner. This was developed just two years after the innovation of the transistor. Very impressive!

Now, Finder switches to the future with YESLY. Offering the latest wireless home automation system designed to connect lights and electric shutters, Finder developed YESLY incorporated with Bluetooth, allowing consumers to feel complete security from hackers using the device in the comfort of their own home. It means that due to it not connecting via WI-FI, unauthorised individuals cannot interfere with your internal controls or get their hands on your data.

How do I make my house a smart house?

With YESLY – the home automation system, you have options for controlling your lighting, electric roller blinds and similar through your Smartphone, through wired or wireless pushbuttons, or by your own voice. The YESLY multi-function relay allows you to turn on/off one or more lights, while the YESLY dimmer also allows adjustment of the light level. The YESLY actuator for blinds allows shutters and blinds to be controlled intelligently, while a range extender can expand the operational area of the entire system – making it suitable for the larger home. And finally, GATEWAY allows remote control of the YESLY system via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

YESLY requires no invasive renovations and can be installed in a single room or throughout the home, according to your needs. Also, BEYON, its wireless pushbutton, can be affixed to many kinds of surfaces including glass and plastic or can simply be left anywhere you like, and never requires recharging. Simply brilliant.

Take a look at the BEYON button here

APPsolute Comfort Living

When asked about the top three devices people would want to be controlled via their smartphones, 62% said a video camera, and 54% for both thermostat and lighting– with flexibility, convenience and ease of use being cited as the main benefits to a home automation system.

With this in mind, the sleek interface of the ‘My YESLY’ app acts in harmony with the ‘YESLY’ hardware to allow idyllic lifestyle scenarios to be created, from cinema to reading, which automatically adjusts the room lighting (Also available on Google ‘Play’ and Apple ‘App’.) In conjunction with the wireless BEYON buttons, ‘My YESLY’ allows seamless navigation of the new smart home experience from room to room. Read more about the app here.

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Simply BLISS

Smart thermostats are new technology systems that allow homeowners to set and modify the temperature at their own preferences on the go using a smartphone, tablet or other devices. In recent years the advancement in modern technology has rocketed and now a range of products are on the market to offer a comfortable, energy-efficient home or office.

The technological development of smart thermostats has been inspired by and represent the motivations of modern-day society. The desire for the latest technological advancements is growing, and new homeowners want a simple and efficient way to control and manage their homes. According to YouGov.com, 13.5 million homeowners in the EU now own a smart thermostat, rising to 22 million by 2020, tripling in size from 2018. These results can be derived due to the augmented demand for energy efficient solutions and devices are ‘almost a gateway technology’ as users are quickly understanding the value of remotely controlling devices.

Finder’s Bliss WiFi is the latest smart programmable chronothermostat allowing consumers to effectively and efficiently manage the temperature at home using their smartphone. With its slim, stunning design, including backlit touch keys and super-clear display, Finder BLISS not only offers incredible flexibility with temperature settings within homes but adds to the aesthetics of the interior design. The clever AUTOAWAY geolocation feature can save energy and costs as it sets to a lower temperature when the property is unoccupied (when the last registered user leaves the house). Safety worries can be eradicated with the PIN lock padlock function, allowing BLISS to be locked to the registered user’s temperatures, making sure it cannot be tampered with.

Take a look at the BLISS range

BLISS 2 - Coming soon

Coming soon is Bliss 2, the innovative smart thermostat, an evolution of the BLISS chronothermostat. The stunning design with new and more advanced features can be fully integrated with the YESLY comfort living system and can be connected with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Featuring a new minimal and elegant design, Bliss 2 adapts to any style of decor – while its integral proximity sensor cleverly activates its screen just before being touched. The colourful and interactive display assures simple, immediate and intuitive use, with clear and precise information on the operating status of the heating and/or cooling system.

Like the previous model, Bliss 2 can be easily integrated into smart-home systems thanks to routines that allow it to interface with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants, but it also has new features including:

– Humidity sense and display

– Proximity sensor

– Immediate information display

Take a look at BLISS 2

With Finder, it’s time for comfort living.


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