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KNX product range – The Finder solution for building automation

KNX product range – The Finder solution for building automation

What does KNX stand for?

KNX is a standardized (EN 50090, ISO/IEC 14543), OSI-based network communications protocol for building automation. It is the successor to, and convergence of, three previous standards: European Home Systems (EHS), BatiBUS, and the European Installation Bus (EIB or Instabus). The standard is administered by the KNX Association.

The KNX system fits naturally into the conceptual seam of the most advanced building. It is attentive to the principles of sustainability and delivering to the occupants’ comfort and convenience which, with innovation and safety, represent the imperatives of modern construction.

Itcomplies with: – European Standards (CENELEC EN 50090 and CEN EN 13321-1) – International Standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3) – Chinese Standard (GB/T 20965) – US Standard (ANSI/ASHRAE 135).


How does a KNX system work?

The KNX bus line is the main central nervous system for automation. It is a green cable that is installed in addition to the conventional mains supply during a new build or renovation project.

All of the various building technology elements are then connected to one another via the main KNX bus line in accordance with the KNX standard for building automation.

The bus system is the communication path between sensors, actuators and detectors, etc. — which can then be conveniently controlled by end users with a smart device.

Finder’s range of KNX devices is designed to be easily integrated into a wide range of building automation projects, in environments such as commercial buildings, industries, offices, homes, public places, schools and more.

The products can be used for lighting management, control of roller shutters/curtains, alarms and video surveillance, monitoring and managing HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), water control, energy optimization, management of electric meters and appliances, and audio systems.

Finder’s devices equipped with KNX technology guarantee strong functionality in terms of energy-saving (up to 50% for lighting and heating control). They can also be integrated both into new and existing buildings, thanks to specific solutions perfected on customer’s needs.

KNX lighting control system capabilities

Lighting control applications will ensure close control over the energy usage in commercial and residential buildings. KNX for lighting control not only controls energy usage and helps reduce the carbon footprint but can also improve the comfort within working environments and ensure compliance with current legislation.

KNX productsfor lighting control cover all the equipment required from individual room controllers up to integrated control systems. The versatility of the KNX protocol provides a flexible approach and allows easy integration to third-party systems through a number of gateways available to automation platforms. Lighting controls can also be integrated with facade management, HVAC systems, security systems and energy metering to provide fully integrated building controls.

All Finder KNX products

18 Series PIR movement detector for corridors

Detection of movement, and direction, within occupied area. Suitable for applications in hotel corridors, offices, common transit areas. Dual sensors are independently manageable.

Also suitable for applications in offices, classrooms, relaxation and communal areas.

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19 Series 6 Channel Switching Actuator 16 A outputs

6 x 16 A relay outputs. AgSnO2 contacts guarantee durability and versatility of use.

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15 Series 2 Channel Universal Dimmer 400 W 230 V AC

Suitable for LED dimmable lamps (100W), CFL dimmable lamps, electromagnetic and electronic transformers.

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1K Series Universal interface 2 – 4 inputs

KNX interface for volt-free contacts (clean contacts) with 2 or 4 inputs. With eight integral logic functions.

Type 1K.02.9030 – 2 input

Type 1K.04.9030 – 4 input

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1K Series USB Interface

Compact size, only one module wide.

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