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Finder SpA and BREXIT – Ready to ensure continuity of supply


The Brexit transition is an ongoing process and is yet to be finalized by the UK Government. There are ongoing trade negotiations between the EU and the UK which must be concluded before the end of the year. In the meantime, the customs authorities have provided some general guidelines, summarized as follows:

  • From 1st of January 2021 all transactions to / from the UK will no longer be treated as Intra-EU trade, but as Extra-EU import / export;
  • all transactions related to business operating in the UK shall undergo a new classification.

Finder is committed to ensuring the highest level of service to its customers throughout the British Isles. Whilst it is still not possible to draft a precise set of standards, Finder is constantly monitoring the ongoing trade negotiations in order to prepare for any eventualities, and to ensure the transition is managed seamlessly for both the headquarters and its subsidiaries.


To this end it will:

  • Secure the continuity of supply through the extensive planning of sales and     purchasing;
  • Check and consolidate Finder PLC stock in order to mitigate the possible effects of shipping delays;
    (Finder PLC currently holds around 1600 stocked lines and is building up a large stockholding to ensure continuity of supply to its customers.)
  • Monitor the situation thoroughly, making sure to deal with every issue that may arise, whether financial, logistic, commercial, or related to customs (inbound and outbound);
  • Update all departments as necessary regarding significant developments. 

In addition, Finder has met all the legal and financial requirements to trade with Extra-EU countries and is an AEO C and AEO S certified exporter. The company has also been authorized to carry out in-house customs clearance.


For further information please submit the appropriate form from our contact page.