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The Finder general catalogs collects information, technical specifications and connection diagrams of all our devices.

General catalog

Over 14,500 products for industrial control panels and automation as well as residential electrical systems or applications in the tertiary sector.

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Index - General technical information

This document contains general technical information about Finder products.

Product profile

Relays, timers and a wide range range of electromechanical and electronic products for industrial, residential and commercial applications.

The electrician's guide

Wiring schemes for residential and commercial applications

Solutions for electrical panels and industrial automation

Relays, timers, and accessories for every type of application

Lighting management
Thermostat and programmable room thermostat
Railway applications
Marine application

Products (according to type) specifically approved for the marine sector. High corrosion resistance and high performance with operational longevity and reliability.

Selection Guide - Devices for controlling liquid levels

Liquid level relays for the control of a wide range of conductive liquids – including foodstuff using probes made of appropriate materials

Selection Guide - MasterIN System

The most complete range of accessories. High speed wiring thanks to terminals with rapid Push-in Technology.
Versatility and easy integration characterises all the latest accessories that complement this system.

Selection Guide - Timers
Selection Guide - YESLY/Bliss2
KNX products
BLISS - Thermostats and WiFi Chronothermostats
Selection Guide - Industrial Thermoregulation

A range of products dedicated to maintaining constant temperature in control panels and enclosures.

Selection Guide - Movement and presence detectors

A wige range of versatile and functional products dedicated to the light.

Updated to January 2021

Brochure - Industrial applications

Discover the wide range of relays, timers and control devices for industrial equipment.

Updated to September 2022


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