70 Series: Line monitoring relays for single and three-phase applications


Finder offers a new range of Electronic voltage monitoring relays for single and three-phase application - in 17.5 or 35 mm housings.
Types 70.1170.31 and 70.41 cover the following functions and points of specification:

  • Models for the multi-function control of undervoltage and overvoltage, phase sequence, phase loss, asymmetry and loss of neutral

  • Positive safety logic (the contact opens when the monitored parameter is outside of limits.

  • All functions and values can be easily adjusted by the selector and trimmer on front face

  • “Blade + cross” – both flat blade and cross head screw drivers can be used to adjust the regulators, the function selector, and to release the 35mm rail catch

  • Colored LEDs for clear & immediate visual indication

  • 1 CO relay output, 6 or 10 A

  • Compact module sizes (17.5 mm or 35 mm wide)

  • Mounting on 35 mm rail (EN 60715)

  • Cadmium Free contacts

These relays join the type 70.61 for three-phase loss and rotation (replacing the type 72.31 as reported in the Finder News January 1 2012).

European Patent pending for the innovative principle at the root of the 3 phase monitoring and error survey system.

The 70.61 technical characteristics are as follows:

  • Universal voltage monitoring (UN from 208 V to 480 V, 50/60 Hz)

  • Phase loss monitoring, even under phase regeneration

  • Positive safety logic - Make contact opens if the relay detects an error

  • 1 CO relay output, 6 A

  • Compact size (17.5 mm wide)

  • 35 mm rail (EN 60715) mount

Function Overview

  70.11 70.31 70.41 70.61
System Type Single-phase Three-phase Three-phase Three-phase
Rated voltage (50/60 Hz) in V 220...240 380...415 380...415 208...480
Undervoltage with / without memory (selectable)
Overvoltage with / without memory (selectable)
Window mode with / without memory (selectable)
Window mode without memory
Phase loss
Phase sequence
Loss of neutral (selectable)