Modular switch mode power supplies Type 78.25

Report 78.25

Modular switch mode power supplies Type 78.25

Type 78.25 joins the Finder range of switch mode power supplies for compact cabinets, already well appreciated in diverse applications such as Videophone, Automatic gates and barriers, Remote controlled doors and shutters, Pumps, DC motors, LED lighting and BUS interface equipment.

Type 78.25 is a new modular switch mode,  high efficiency power supplies for electrical and electronic applications. Output voltage with overload  and short circuit protection. According to N 60950-1  and EN 61204-3.


• Type 78.25...2400 - 1 A, 24 V DC output, 25 W

• Type 78.25...1200 - 2.1 A, 12 V DC output, 25 W

• Compact size (w x h x d): 35 x 84 x 60.8 mm

• Low stand-by power (< 0.4 W)

• Adjustable output voltage with overload and short circuit protection


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