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Products for industrial applications

Finder’s range for industrial applications includes products used in automated warehousing, packaging and elevator systems, specialized products for machinery used in the food industry, systems for use in explosive atmospheres and plant and equipment protection systems.

Plant and equipment protection system
Finder products designed for protecting industrial systems and equipment have been developed to ensure safety from voltage surges caused by natural events or associated with the normal operation and maintenance of the power supply.
Control panels
Finder solutions for the industrial sector are composed of a large number of specific products and accessories, among these, approved equipment for control panel like heaters and fans with filters.
Automated warehousing and packaging
Finder products designed to manage automated warehouses and packaging systems are engineered to deliver high performance and reliability.
Finder products suitable for the management of elevator systems include relays with forcibly guided contacts.
Food and beverage
Finder's products can be integrated in many different applications in the food and beverage sector: in control panels, processing lines, packaging machinery, etc. This is thanks to their protection levels, the possibility to operate at even high or low temperatures, the ATEX certifications and more.
Explosive atmospheres
Finder's products for use in explosive atmospheres are designed to maximise safety and improve efficiency. They include the 39 and 58 Series relay interface modules.
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