New version of the Ultra-Slim 34 Series printed circuit board relay

Finder has made an important production modification to the markings on the pcb 34 Series relay.  This relay is also widely used in industrial automation, typically as a PLC interface - marketed as the 38 and 39 series of Modular Interface Relays.

The reasons for the change: greater precision in the cover welding process.

The manufacturing process involving ultrasonic welding of the relay cover has been changed to  utilising the very latest laser welding techniques. This new procedure has necessitated a change in the plastics used for the cover of the EMR  (Electromechanical Relay) version. This change has also made possible the improved readability of the essential technical data on the  product. All new versions of the Ultra-Slim 34 Series will in fact be identified as either EMR or SSR (solid state relay), as appropriate, and carry the full product code. 


34 Series


This feature greatly helps panel builders and installers, especially in cases where the relay in the panel must be replaced. This useful feature is now present on all of our plug-in relay series.


34 Series


34 Series PDF