Finder’s time switches and “Astro” time switches with NFC technology

A step forward for easier, quick and flexible programming from your smartphone, with NFC technology and the “Finder Toolbox” Android App.

Finder’s range of time switches and Astro time switches has been designed to perform effectively and efficiently according to the needs of the installation.
In recent years we have seen the range expanded by the adoption of SMART devices, starting with designs featuring integral NFC (Near Field Communication technology). Such innovation allows the programming of devices through a smartphone - that multifunctional tool and key element of everyday life that has become a faithful ally in the workplace.
Technological advancement in step with the times; offering a major advance in terms of simplification and practicality of programming - supporting professional installers who every day have to work with increasingly more complex devices.

Smart programming

Finder’s Smart time switches can be programmed either with the front joystick in manual mode or via smartphone via the special Finder Toolbox App for Android, which can be downloaded free from Google Play.

Google Play store

The Finder Toolbox App

Once the FINDER Toolbox application has been downloaded and installed, it is possible via your smartphone to...

  • Program the time switch
  • Read an existing program and modify it
  • Save configurations directly to your smartphone and share them
  • Transfer saved programming to other NFC time switches