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Finder Relays has introduced its newest products for temperature control with the 7T Series. With the RED or BLUE setting dials to clearly identify the heating and ventilation variants while maintaining constant temperatures in control panels and enclosures, ensuring easy installation and usage in a compact panel design.


Thermostats for Control Panels and Enclosures

• Increases reliability and performance while protecting components

• Small, compact, ultraslim, 17.5mm (0.68in) wide - saving panel space

• Snap action thermostatic Bimetal sensor

• Positive switching action and long electrical life (100,000 cycles)

• 35mm rail (EN 60715) mount

• IP20 Rating

• Wide temperature range setting 0°C (32°F) and 60°C (140°F) for numerous
• Thermostats output contact is rated 250VAC, 10A, enabling them to directly
switch heater or fan loads up to 2500VA AC1 and 250VAC AC15